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Saturday May 27

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Wednesday July 01

“Kharkiv Terrace” Honors Alumnus’ Historic Contribution

It’s CEU history, set in brass and stone.

The Kharkiv Terrace, commemorating CEU’s greatest act of alumni philanthropy, was unveiled on Saturday, May 13 while some of the university’s most dedicated alumni supporters looked on. See photos. 

Alumni-Supported Students ‘Pay it Forward’

It’s been a busy year for CEU’s Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs), who balanced their studies with volunteer projects to aid fellow students and bolster the community. Projects included blogs and online advising for potential and incoming students, plus career workshops, a campus accessibility study and more.

Graduating Class Gift 2017 Launched

With the close of this academic year days away, students of CEU's 2017 graduating class have joined together to establish their legacy - and aid those who will follow in their footsteps.

CEU Rated #1 for Alumni Volunteerism

CEU alumni volunteers are #1 in Europe, according to a recent survey.

This year’s International CASE Alumni Relations Survey (ICARS), demonstrated CEU’s alumni to be the most engaged in Europe in terms of volunteerism, up from second place last year. CEU alumni also placed 3rd in terms of event attendance and sixth in alumni fundraising.

Celebrating Alumni Leadership at ‘Impact’ Forum

This year’s Alumni Impact Forum brought together more than a dozen alumni leaders and volunteers from around the world to discuss the realities of promoting CEU’s global community.

The annual two day event, held on May 11 and 12 at CEU, provided both recognition and training for attendees, while encouraging them to share what works – and what doesn’t – in the field. See photos.