CEU Alumni Phonathon 2017


For the past 50 days we’ve been calling CEU alumni around the world, and have heard some pretty amazing things. 

Our Phonathon callers logged more than 6,000 calls and reached more than a thousand CEU alumni doing great things worldwide: taking on new, important work; earning additional degrees; getting married and starting families – and standing with their University in times of trouble. 

Also, more alumni this supported CEU this year, pledging and contributing more than $22,000 in support of their University’s future via the CEUimpact alumni campaign.

A very sincere THANK YOU to all alumni who spoke with us and pledged your support. Your time, energy and solidarity is more crucial now than ever, and will make all the difference as your University moves forward!

Did we miss you? You can still: 

Update your contact info.

Support the future of your University, via the CEUimpact campaign. 

phonathon 2017 callers

Agnes Kende (Ph.D. in History, 1st year)

A Ph.D. student at CEU’s Department of History, Agnes speaks Hungarian, German and English. This is her third year with the Phonathon crew, and she’s eager to speak to alumni and urge them to support CEU. "Every amount counts," she said. 

Angelita Bombarda, (Master of Public Administration, 1st year)
One of this year’s Alumni Scholarship Recipients, Angelita knows firsthand the value of alumni philanthropy, and encourages alumni to keep it up: "Donating to the campaign is sharing a gift that keeps on giving. By donating, alumni continue this chain of opportunity that they experienced here, and this gets passed on to other students."

Dane Miller, (MA in Medieval Studies, 2nd year)
Dane is a two-year M.A. student with the Department of Medieval Studies. He's eager to speak to CEU alumni doing great things around the world. "Many of the alumni of CEU share a commitment to building a better future," he said. "But that work can only be done through the efforts of individuals." 

Kinga Tikosi, (Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1st year)
Kinga is working on her Ph.D. at CEU's Department of Mathematics. She looks forward to speaking to alumni, and to discuss the benefits of CEU grads supporting their alma mater's future: "I think that giving to the campaign expresses the gratitude towards our university for its contribution to the students' success in life," she said. 

Laura Nicoara, (MA in Philosophy, 1st year)
Laura is from Romania. Knowing firsthand the challenges of obtaining postgraduate funding, she is eager to speak to alumni on the value supporting students at their alma mater: "I believe it's extremely important," she said. "It will help many bright students, and allow CEU to become an international center of academic excellence."

Maad Sharaf, (Master of Public Administration, 1st year)
Born in Yemen, Maad is a first year MPA student representative, a CEU Student Union board member and one of this year's class of Alumni Scholarship Recipients. His thoughts on the alumni philanthropy? "It makes a HUGE difference, and eases the lives of students - as it did mine."

Mariana Mdzeluri (MA in Gender Studies, 2nd year)
Marina is from Ukraine. A former CEU Alumni Scholarship Recipient, she is eager to speak to alumni on the real value of giving back: "Alumni giving makes education at CEU more inclusive, giving opportunities to students in difficult financial situations. I know. As an ASR the support I received from alumni was crucial, allowing me to live and study here."

Meerim Topchubaeva (Business School Ph.D., 1st year)
A native of Kyrgyzstan, Meerim is a Ph.D. candidate in Business Administration. In her own words: "There are many reasons why it is important for alumni to give back to CEU; to express gratitude for the education and knowledge CEU provided them, and to make sure other young people and future generations also have equal chance to acquire the same."

Sutong Liu, (Master of Public Administration, 1st year)
Oringinaly from China, Sutong has lived and studied across Europe and the U.S. She enjoys cross-cultural interaction and is eager to speak with alums, particularly about supporting the future of CEU and its mission: "Every donation to the Alma Mater helps students continue their studies," she said, adding "it creates community engagement for the future alumni."

take action!

Our callers look forward to speaking with alumni, so anticipate their call. Again, alumni are encouraged to update contact info, check out this year's Alumni Reunion Weekend support the Alumni Campaign to ensure CEU's future today!