Other services for doctoral students available at CEU

Following the University's commitment to provide high quality education to its students, the Career Services team partners with various CEU offices in order to develop and to communicate widely the support available to doctoral community. 

Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO) is offering a range of programs and information sources to doctoral students and alumni: 

  • Global Teaching Fellowship Program - opportunities to teach at partner universities around the world for one semester or one academic year. Doctoral candidates beyond their 3rd year of studies and recent PhD graduates who earned their diploma no longer than 2 years before application are eligible for most positions.
  • Doctoral Student Corner helping students to search for external research opportunities, while it also provides information on external funding for fellowships, short courses, travel and research.
  • Pivot - the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities combined with a unique database of 3 million scholar profiles. ACRO manages the institutional account, allowing all students to apply for an individual membership.

For more information about services offered to doctoral students, please check ACRO website.